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o    U. of Washington, B.S. Aero & Astro, summa cum laude, 3.92/4.0 GPA

o    Stanford, M.S. and Ph.D.,  Aero & Astro,  3.93/4.0 GPA

o    Superlative academic record with substantial mathematics and numerical analysis.


o    MENSA

o    NASA - research engineer

o    Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Honor Society

o    Major Aerospace company - principal engineer

o    Major Aerospace Systems Company - winner of Presidential Innovation Awards, 2002, 2003

o    Commercial software company - Chief Scientist

   Recent Application Expertise

o    Optimization of nonlinear systems

o    C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, E-learning tool (

   34 years professional experience in:

o    operations research (nonlinear, constrained optimization), algorithms, mathematics, numerical analysis, & modeling

o    software development (systems, real-time, embedded, tools, optimization, GUI, scientific, RDBMS, client/server)

o    systems simulation (functional, real-time, discrete event)

o    aerospace (aerodynamics, avionics, weapons, automated mission planning)

o    transportation, tracking and geographic information systems, fleet routing, street networks

o    automated code generation (e.g., PerlWizard)

   Languages:  Extensive C/C++ (GNU, VC++, C++ Builder), Perl (e.g., PreprocessorWizard), Ada, FORTRAN, SQL, UNIX C-shell scripts, HTML.  Some JavaScript, BASIC, Pascal, Java (e.g., PerlWizard), lex, UML, assembly, CORBA, COM.  C++ & Java includes extensive object-oriented experience.

   Systems: UNIX/C-shell/X-windows (various platforms), MS Windows, real-time multitasking executives, distributed architectures, bus communication protocols.

   Misc:  Developed these websites 2017-2018: and

   Status:  retired, but still actively writing software.  See



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