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PerlWizard Change Log:


  1. Put get_option_val() calls foreach(@command line variable) into separate subs (e.g., sub get_xxx)
  2. Fixed code in validation stub below each get_option_val() call.


  1. Added Change log to doc.


  1. Improved handling of "argv string" types of command line variables.  Now to switch a variable back and forth between "string" and "argv string" one just needs to change the $option_types{VarName} assignment in one line.  The rest of the code automatically accommodates the change.


  1. Added logic to allow user to start over so erroneous entries can be corrected.
  2. Added comments re new script.
  3. Added call of print_log_file_hint() at the end of the generated script.


  1. Allow users to name their own templates on the command line.
  2. Added to the downloads page, plus instructions re how to use.
  3. Added Regenerate button to the tab

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