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PerlWizard - A free wizard for automatic Perl software code generation using simple forms.  PerlWizard quickly generates front ends for user-friendly Perl scripts for Unix and Windows, with emphasis on the user interface, managing defaults files, and providing help.  The generated user interface supplies defaults for unentered options, validates options, and records options for use as defaults on subsequent runs of the generated scripts.  This makes PerlWizard scripts much more interactive and friendly than typical command line programs.  Once PerlWizard generates the front end, the programmer just needs to go to the bottom of the generated code and start writing. 

MkLink.pl - Freeware to quickly create Microsoft Windows shortcuts, symbolic links, hard links, and junctions in various useful locations.  Pin any file to the Start Menu or Taskbar.  Run or install any program or script or open any file with SYSTEM authority.  MkLink.pl is an example of a PerlWizard script.

PreprocessorWizard - A free WYSIWYG Preprocessor for Java, Perl, C, C++, Basic, PowerShell, C#, JavaScript, and other programming languages.  If you tried this and liked it, please leave a review at https://sourceforge.net/projects/preprocesssorwizard/

Other Tools - Various examples of PerlWizard scripts plus a couple of utility libraries.

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